Leros Convoy, June 2016

14.06.2016 05:58

A very dramatic situation for the refugees on Greek Islands
Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help is sending an aid convoy to the crisis area


The frustration of the refugees in the Greek islands is growing more and more. Some Asylum seekers
even torched 2 large tents at Chios and protest actions are an everyday occurrence in the islands.
The European Community / Turkey Agreement from March 20th 2016, states, the newly arriving refugees
will be placed in various camps on islands until their status is cleared and they are permitted
to enter legally the continental mainland. The backlog of registration is growing dramatically and has
by now brought the number of stranded people up to 8.500. There is a desperate need of everything,
tents, food stuffs, and basic medical help.

Public institutions and private aid organizations are totally overtaxed and need immediate assistance.
Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help, in cooperation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Human
Help Network, the Margarethe-Mueller-Bull Foundation, the Kreil Family, the Alete Company also
Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH and many more, we have been able to stock 4 trailer trucks filled with desperately needed aid supplies, i.e. baby food, hygiene articles and water to be carried to the is-lands of Leros and Chios, GR.

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen received a cry for help came from the Austrian/Greek NGO Echo100Plus. Their primary mission is to take care of minors and small children also to families. They mentioned that especially baby food is very scarce.

Frank Franke, President of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen said in today’s press conference: “It is the des-peration of the war refugees, who are stranded without any hope and future that convinced us to send another Convoy on Wheels to those unfortunate people in need. It is not the first convoy for the region and it will be continued, a Bridge of Help.”


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