Helping the children from Mosul

14.07.2017 14:06


Over two years of an intense and very costly fighting Mosul was declared freed of the Terror-Regime IS. Within the last month, the war took on a harsh quality and the civilians suffered malnutrition and heavy losses.


According to the United Nations, the number of refugees flown from Mosul had grown to nearly 900.000. The devastation of that city is simply unimaginable. There is no infrastructure anymore, as per Erbil’s Lord Mayor, Mr. Nihad Latif Qoja, Mosul has nothing left, no hospitals, no schools, no water, no electricity, no shops, not even buildings left intact. Especially the children suffered from this unthinkable situation. The mothers cooked grass and once that was all gone, cut up and cooked card board strips to feed the children. Many people fled into the refugee camps around Mosul, and because of the staggering number of children, there is hardly any food for them either.


Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help and their partners will airlift on Saturday 15th July, several hundreds of Euro pallets of children’s food to Erbil.

The Lord Mayor of the city of Erbil, Mr. Nihad Latif Qoja told the organization: “This help from Germany is of immense significance. The region of Kurdistan is not able to handle this crisis by itself due to the enormous large numbers of refugees. Wings of Help has proven within the last years to be a most competent partner. We need this help urgently and need it now.”


Erbil’s Lord Mayor and one member of the LOG team will be present on arrival of the flight and then oversee the distribution in the camps. Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help thanks all the partners who so generously helped to make this Airlift possible.




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