Between Horror and Hope

29.06.2017 15:03


This has been the second Airlift within three weeks which Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen, Wings of Help has positively concluded sending desperately needed supplies into the area of Hassan Sham, in the vicinity of Mosul.

Approximately 73.000 people have successfully reached the safety of Hassan Sham leaving behind the insanity of the civil war. And each day there are new arrivals of about six hundred to seven hundred more, after a horror trip out of Mosul.  The team of Wings of Help will never forget the heart-rending welcome scenes, as family members find their lost ones who have survived the gruesome escape.

The Lord Mayor of Erbil tells us: “ISIS targets every moving object, men, women even the children are not spared”.


We are being told by the survivors of the dire need to stay alive.  When food was no longer available they plucked and cooked grass. When the land was barren, they cut down card board into little pieces and strips make a sort of which was to feed to their children. This was confirmed by the camp manager.

Due to these extreme situation, WoH will shortly bring another airlift of aid supplies, especially medicines and children food.  

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