Refugees in Greece in dire need

27.01.2017 08:00


The miserable living conditions the refugees suffer  in Greece can barely be described. Their tents are collapsing under 3 feet of snow, and the poor people walk in either summer shoes or just in socks. There are even children who do not have socks or shoes, this is the gruesome reality.

We have seen the pictures during our visits, and they are so often repeated and we ask ourselves:

Where is the international help? Where does Europe come into the picture? Why doesn’t anybody help these poor people? Who takes the responsibility for their plight, illness and even death?


“The conditions these people are enduring are in the highest degree irresponsible and inhuman”, explains Sophie de Vries the situation of the various refugee camps. She, a medical doctor with the organization “Doctors without Borders” (MSF), works here since over 6 month. Her daily chores are a fight against windmills. Many people, among them infants and small children, pregnant and traumatized women are living in thin nylon tents, no water, heating or electricity.


Where is the outcry of the world, where remains the help for this enormous large group of suffering people?


Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V./Wings of Help has sent a convoy of 3 trailer trucks to Thessaloniki, onboard are winter clothing, blankets, medical supplies and children’s food. This is already the 7th convoy from LOG for the refugees in dire need to Greece. The convoy arrived on February 3rd.


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