Current projects

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help is currently carrying out missions in:

Wings of help ships high capacity generators to Puerto Rico.

It’s been more than six weeks since hurricane “Maria” devastated the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Until today a large number of its population is sitting in the dark. This will not change until Christmas. Only 15% of the 3.4 million inhabitants have electricity and all major attempts to recover the country’s power supplies failed so far. Especially hospitals, schools, nursery schools and other public facilities are affected.

“Wings of Help” does not want to watch this misery go on, but do its part to improve this catastrophic situation. While everyone is busy preparing Christmas, the fate of the people in Puerto Rico is being forgotten.
This is the reason ” Wings of Help” is going to send the first of hopefully many more high capacity generators to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The transport will be carried out in cooperation with the Condor Airlines.
In Puerto Rico we are working together with the NGO “Project Hope” to ensure that the generators get delivered to the facilities that need them the most.


Helping the children from Mosul

Over two years of an intense and very costly fighting Mosul was declared freed of the Terror-Regime IS. Within the last month, the war took on a harsh quality and the civilians suffered malnutrition and heavy losses. According to the United Nations, the number of refugees flown from Mosul had grown to nearly 900.000. The devastation of that city is simply unimaginable. There is no infrastructure anymore, as per Erbil’s Lord Mayor, Mr. Nihad Latif Qoja, Mosul has nothing left, no hospitals, no schools, no water, no electricity, no shops, not even buildings left intact. Especially the children suffered from this unthinkable situation. The mothers cooked grass and once that was all gone, cut up and cooked card board strips to feed the children. Many people fled into the refugee camps around Mosul, and because of the staggering number of children, there is hardly any food for them either.

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help and their partners will airlift on Saturday 15th July, several hundreds of Euro pallets of children’s food to Erbil. The Lord Mayor of the city of Erbil, Mr. Nihad Latif Qoja told the organization: “This help from Germany is of immense significance. The region of Kurdistan is not able to handle this crisis by itself due to the enormous large numbers of refugees. Wings of Help has proven within the last years to be a most competent partner. We need this help urgently and need it now.”

Erbil’s Lord Mayor and one member of the LOG team will be present on arrival of the flight and then oversee the distribution in the camps.


Earthquake in Nepal – over one million children affected

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help will help the victims in Nepal. We are getting ready to start an airlift with the most pressing aid supplies, i.e. tents, blankets, kitchen sets and much more is momentarily readied. As soon as the infrastructure warrants it the flight will take off from Frankfurt. The Consul General (hon) for Nepal in Frankfurt visited the LOG offices today and stated: “The General Consulate of Nepal will combine all aid activities through the in Frankfurt am Main located organization Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help. I emphasize, help is only warranted if we are sure it will reach the victims. We therefore we will join Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen to help the victims in Nepal. ”



Since August 2012 LOG is helping the Syrian refugees at the Turkish-Syrian border area. This is the greatest humanitarian mission of the UNO since its establishment. LOG has sent four full-charter flights carrying 200 tons of urgently needed relief goods to the crisis zone. LOG will continue its support as long as the Syrian refugees will need it.


Help for undernourished and disabled children: Since 2009 LOG is taking care of various projects in Timisoara and Sibiu. About 30 trailers with relief supplies have been sent to the country so far in order of these tasks.



The single projects are often combined with medical help e.g. for deaf and blind children in Romania and Russia. Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help also supports other humanitarian organizations in matters of logistics. All relief missions of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help are documented in the disaster area itself in order to ensure that the relief goods are received by the right recipients.

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