Mission statement

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help (LOG) spreads its wings to help people in need. Wings of Help has got partner organizations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and Finland.

The organization has been established more than 10 years ago and is focused on helping the weakest of society - the children.

The areas of LOG’s activities  are the sustainable relief supply after natural and humanitarian catastrophes as well as for example medical emergency transportations from all over the world to Germany.

“Friends in need are friends in deed” – Wings of help especially keeps itself busy with the help in deed.

Our active members, companies from the textile, sports, pharmaceutical and food industry and of course many people with a good will, greatly help us with that. The presence in all social classes comes along with various synergistic effects.

At the helm are  Frank Franke, journalist and writer,
Marie-Luise Thuene
, actress and play write
The financial responsibilities are in the hands of a retired bank director, Rolf Geyer.
A fine team of dedicated and specialized staff handle the daily work routine at the offices at the Frankfurt International Airport.
The many helpers of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen  -  Wings of Help make the help possible.

Enlarged Board of Directors:
Joachim Sauer, Legal Advisor
Dr. Markus Schmitt, Medical Advisor
Guido Holz, Media
Patrick Kroehle, Logistics Advisor



Managing Director



tl_files/log/img/F_Franke160x160px.jpg tl_files/log/img/ml_thuene160x160px.jpg tl_files/log/img/u_merbold160x160px.jpg

Frank Franke

Marie-Luise Thüne

Prof. Dr. Ulf Merbold



Honorary President

Journalist and author

Former editor-in-chief

on Hessischer Rundfunk

Awarded the Order of Merit of the
Federal Republic of Germany

Legends Wings of Help Award 2018



Medal of Merit

Ehrensache SWR

Astronaut and Cosmonaut

1983 - 2nd German in space

first German with three space flights
Mission STS 9 Space Lab 1, shuttle flight

Later as the only one three times in space:
Missions STS 42 Shuttle Flight-
Spacelab and Mir 94 - 32 days
on the Mir Station

1984: Federal Cross of Merit
First Class



Executive Board





Henning Koch

Rolf Geyer

Bernhard Hau

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer








Former manager of a large
"Sparkassenbank" branch in Frankfurt

since 2018 Carrier

Federal Cross of Merit

Silver honorary pin of the EKHN



travel law expert






tl_files/log/img/Michael Reith.jpg


Guido Holz

Michael Reith

Angelika Franke

Board of Media

Board Digital

Chief Logistics Officer

TV producer

Owner of Timeline TV

German Human Rights Film Award 2014

Robert Geisendörfer Film Award 2015



Logistics expert for special and special transports

film editor

Chief Financial Officer Animal Welfare






Kerstin Fritsch



Assistant to the Board













Hans-Joachim Sauer, Rechtsanwalt

Dr. Markus Schmitt, Medizin





Unser Team in der Zentrale Frankfurt-Flughafen






Felix Groh

Tobias Seidl

Jasmin Batista Lopes

Head of Operations

Leitung Büro

Assistenz d. Geschäftsführung

Diploma in Business Administration
and logistics expert

Management Assistant for
Office Communication

aircraft handling

office assistance



Celeste Warner-Heymann


International Communications





Honorary Members
Dr. Ulf Merbold, Astronaut/Cosmonaut
Mrs. Mercedes Wild, Hon. Member of the Luftbruecke Frankfurt-Berlin 1948-1949 e.V.


Board of Advisory :


Jürgen Harrer (Chairman)

Eckhard Zanger (Co-Chairman)



Members of the Advisory Board


Bruno Gantenbrink

Ulf Köper

Marina Noble

Christian Poppe

Michael Roll

Claudia Ströhlein

Johannes Winter

Anton Wüstefeld






Wings Of Help -
Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V. / Wings of Help
Cargo City South - Building 501c
60549 Frankfurt / Main -Airport

Telefon: +49 (0)69 690 232 55
Fax: +49 (0)69 71 91 04 97

E-Mail: info@wingsofhelp.com
Internet: www.luftfahrtohnegrenzen.de

Our donations account

Frankfurter Sparkasse
IBAN: DE 84 500 502 01 0 200 33 22 44

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